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Guardian Home Security | Woodward, OK

We are offering the LYNX Touch advanced, talking, wireless touchscreen security system at an unbelievable rate. The system sells for $600 on the shelf. We are selling it for a web promotion for absolutely nothing with free installation and activation. There are a few rules. You have to allow us to put a Guardian security sign in your front yard to deter would be intruders. Also, you have to have the system monitored by us at $29.99 a month. ADT currently charges $38.99 monthly to monitor a simular system. They also charge $299.99 for the installation and activation. The system is truly unlike any other security system on the market. It can be programmed for multiple users, (family members, friends, baby sitters) It can provide a log with information about who has been in the house, what windows, gun cabinets or doors have been opened. It also has a family message center so you never have to come home to an empty house and wonder where everyone is. It has a system built in that can call you if your child isn’t home from school by a certain time. To hear more about these and other features please give one of our specialists a call about getting hooked up in the Woodward area. We would be happy to help you.

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