The Improvement Of Home Security Through Technology

As technology advances, so does the world that we live in. Only a few decades ago we never had the Internet, wireless phones, or many of the other advanced pieces of technology that we have today. In fact, the highest form of security that a person could have inside their own home was a lock on their door, which wasn’t very secure at all. Luckily, with technological advances, we have been able to make people feel safe inside of their home, and can get help to them in case of an intruder in just seconds. Let’s look at everything that our wonderful technology allows us to have to be able to have the security we deserve.

Window Smashing Sensors

When the lock was the only form of defense against intruders, windows were a great way for them to get in easily. Windows are broken quite easily, and all an intruder would need is a blunt object to get inside of your house. While windows are still very easy to smash, now we have window sensors that can alert you and authorities if a window is broken. This helps response teams get to your home as fast as possible, and allows you to know that somebody has entered the home and you need to be on alert. Often, when a siren starts sounding off after a window is smashed, this will usually scare off the intruder.

Response Team Alerts

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We mentioned alerts in the last section, and this is another thing that technology has allowed for. Current home security systems will always come with an alert system to notify authorities so that you can receive aid immediately. If somebody is in your home, you probably won’t have time to contact authorities yourself. However, with a home security system, an alert is automatically sent out so that you don’t even have a need to. All you need to worry about is your own safety, and the safety of your family.

Motion Detectors

Probably the best piece of technology that we have today when it comes to home security are motion detectors. If an intruder manages to get inside of your home undetected, it doesn’t mean that they will be able to stay undetected. Motions detectors can pick up on their movement and can notify you that someone is inside the home. However, due to the fact that family members may move through the house at night, they aren’t as commonly used in households as they are in businesses. Businesses will use motion detectors because nobody is supposed to be inside of the building during closing hours, so if any movement is detected than it is more than likely an intruder.

Motion Detector from Honeywell

Motion detectors have actually become even more advanced than they already were in the past few years. Some are even able to tell the difference between an animal and a human, which means that pets and other small critters won’t set off a false alarm. This was once a big problem, but technology has once again fixed it.

Mobile Home Security

An advanced feature that many parents have come to love is the ability to check on your home’s security while you aren’t home. Parents can’t always be home to protect their children, but they can monitor their home’s security to make sure that their children are okay. This puts their mind at ease and allows them to concentrate on work, or whatever else that they may be doing.

Also, mobility technology has allowed us other features with our home security systems. You can activate or deactivate your system from just about anywhere if you get a system that uses a key chain activator. With a click of a button you can turn off your security system so a friend or relative can get in your home without you needing to go home to unlock it, or you can activate it if you forgot on your way out the door.

Home Security Apps

There are other ways besides a key chain that have made home security easier when you aren’t around. There are actually apps that have been developed for users that have SmartPhones that will allow them to unlock and lock their home when they aren’t around, and that will send them an alert if someone tries to break in. Most people constantly keep their phone on them anyhow, so this is a very easy feature to have.

iPhone security cameras

Video Cameras

Video cameras are another great home security device that we have gained through the ever-growing world of technology. They can be used to actually keep an eye on your entire property to watch for intruders yourself. However, much like motion detectors, these are commonly used for business purposes, but can be used in the standard home just as easily.

Video cameras these days aren’t disabled as easily as they once were. Video cameras use to have the need of a cord to work, but wireless technology has developed cameras that can wirelessly transmit the video feed so that a simple wire can’t be cut to disable them. Some video cameras even allow you to make recordings if you have the right system so that you can show evidence to law enforcement officers to make it easier for them to catch the intruder.

Wireless Technology

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Briefly mentioned in the last section, wireless technology has made home security much more efficient. Intruders could once just cut a few central cords and they would be able to disable a system and get away with their crimes, but now that there aren’t any wires to cut it makes it much more difficult for them.

Battery Back-up

Since all devices run on electricity, if the power were to go out or become cut, an intruder would be able to get away with their crimes inside of a home without being detected. However, technology has developed a method of countering this. Now, whenever there isn’t any power to a device, a battery back-up will be initiated that will keep the security devices going for several hours without needing any source of external power. This has tricked and confused countless criminals.

Digital Keypads

Keypads are the only way to disable or enable your device from home. They use a password system that makes it impossible for an intruder to disable the system themselves because they won’t know the correct code. Recently, many home security companies have begun to add buttons to call law enforcement and other help lines so that a person can use their keypad instead of a phone to call for aid. If your phone cords were to be cut without one of these devices you may find yourself in trouble, but now you can get help without the use of a phone!



Being alerted of an intruder in your home as soon as possible is important. This could potentially save your life and the lives of your family members. With our advanced technology, we have been able to connect sirens to the other security devices in the home so that when one is activated it makes the sirens start going off. This not only alerts the family, but it will often scare off the intruder because they know that they have been detected. Nobody wants to get caught, so most intruders will flee the scene without trying to harm anyone or steal anything because they need to get out of there as soon as possible.

Smart Audio Sensors

Motion detectors are efficient, especially since they don’t even require any light to sense an intruder, but there are other forms of sensors that would be able to detect somebody that may be around a corner or not in a motion sensors line of sight. An audio sensor has the capabilities to pick up on any faint sounds that are created by intruders. Older audio sensors would cause a ton of false alarms because they would go off if a branch were to fall, an animal were to make an odd noise, or any other odd noise would sound through the air.

However, our advancements in technology has actually made it possible for these devices to tell the difference between different sounds. They will be able to detect if the sound was created by a burglar, or if the sound was created by a branch falling outside the window. This has been able to prevent many false alarms and has been a great advancement in home security.


As you can see, with a home security system you can feel more safe than ever before these days. We have advanced our systems far past what they once were, whereas the only defense that a home may have would be a lock on the door. Home security companies continue to improve their systems and develop new ways to protect your family and home. There are many devices out there that you can choose to add to your own security system if you already have one, and perhaps this article has even given you a few ideas!