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Touchscreen, Talking, Wireless Security in Stillwater, Oklahoma

If you live in Stillwater, Oklahoma and you need help with your security situation give us a call at the number listed above. We will give you an analysis for free by phone. There is really no feeling like knowing you and your loved ones are protected. We are currently offering the best special we have ever run. It is for a Lynx Touch Wireless, Touchscreen security system.

When home automation starts to take over and the simple systems you are used to seeing become a thing of the past you will be prepared for the future with this smartphone compatible system. Honeywell plans to introduce new aspects to the system including turning lights on and off remotely, controlling your thermostat and electronics. It can already be armed or disarmed from any phone in the world. It offers a family message center and can let you know when certain windows or entrances are opened. These features are just the tip of the iceberg with this system.

Call 405-816-8224 to speak to a licensed certified specialist about upgrading your home.