Security Systems: For Big Cities or for Small Towns?

Do Citizens of Small Towns in Oklahoma Need Security Systems?

It is built into us to think of big cities as being more dangerous than the suburbs and rural areas. Densely-populated areas have high crime rates. The mindset that little towns are immune to big city crime still exists. However, even if one is certain no one in their town is a criminal, it is important to remember that criminals drive cars. They go where there are easy victims. Criminals want the greatest reward for the least risk. Small towns with residents who are lackadaisical about crime are proven to statistically be prime victims. The FBI Crime Report statistics indicate crime rates are dropping in big cities and on the rise in towns with less than 10,000 residents.

Crime in Oklahoma’s Big Cities Versus Small Towns

Metropolitan areas such as Oklahoma City with a population slightly over a half million is scary to someone from a place such as Alderson that only has a population of 268. Valley Brook, Oklahoma is part of Oklahoma City’s metro area yet it still only has a population of 789. However, statistics indicate that violent crime per capita in Valley Brook is about half that of the rest of the US and three-fourths that of the US for property crime. For anyone still on the fence about getting a home security system installed, this is a sobering dose of reality.

Are Those Basic Monitored Burglar Alarm Systems Worth Anything?

The short answer as to whether the basic professionally installed monitored alarm system is of any real value is a resounding yes. Professional alarm companies offer budget systems that provide unparallelled protection for the home at an extremely budget-friendly price. The fundamental components of a basic system usually include the alarm panel that connects to the monitoring service, a keypad, siren and some perimeter sensors to secure at least the main doors and possibly some first floor windows. The great thing is that even families on a very tight budget can get a highly effective alarm installed now with options for easy future expansion.

Outbuildings, detached garages, the second floor, wireless security cameras, fire and carbon monoxide detection and other specialty alarm components can quickly and easily be added at any time in the future as the budget permits. The important thing is to get the 24-hour protection that a monitored system offers right now and not wait until something bad happens.

Why Should a Homeowner Invest in a Security System?

The fundamental reason is protection of loved ones, pets and the home itself. Since criminals prefer high reward for low risk, a home with an alarm system is passed over for an easier target that is unprotected. Early detection of intrusion saves lives. Early detection of fire or carbon monoxide gets the proper authorities dispatched even if the occupants cannot help themselves.

The smart thing is to get a security system installed now even if it does not have every component one ultimately desires. Get the basic protection immediately and add to the system, if necessary, whenever it is convenient.