Opinion: Do We Need Home Security in Oklahoma?

Crime Scene

Do Oklahoma Residents Really Need Home Security?

All families like to think that their homes are safe and their families are protected, no matter where they are living. The truth is, however, that crime is everywhere. Being aware of the statistics of crime in a residential area is an important part of knowing whether home security should go from being an option to a priority. For Oklahoma citizens, crime is a rising concern. The likelihood of being a victim of a violent crime in Oklahoma is one in 208. In Oklahoma City, OK, this statistic rises to a shocking one in 109 people. The city has a population of 579,999 people, indicating that 5,321 citizens of Oklahoma City will be victimized. Over 1,000 and just under 4,000 assaults were reported. The city is safer than only 3% of American cities. These statistics speak for themselves. The crime rate in both Oklahoma City and the state of Oklahoma necessitate the use of home security to maintain safety and peace of mind for both home and family.

Maintaining A Feeling Of Safety

Our homes and families are the most important parts of our lives. Protecting the people we love is paramount. When crime rates are high, our internal sense of security decreases greatly. Being afraid to leave your wife home alone or allow your children to walk home from the bus stop creates a sense of fear and hesitance that can undermine your confidence, your sense of self and your feelings of inner peace. Making the decision to safeguard your family, home and possessions with a home security system can change that. A good home security system can catch images of a violent criminal in the act and immediately alert security personnel and local law enforcement to the presence of a criminal. Their immediate response can take habitual criminals off the street, making the area just a little bit safer for family, friends and neighbors. The use of that home security system can preserve your peace of mind, safeguard your belongings and most importantly protect your family from the threat of physical harm and emotional trauma.

Beware of Property Crime, Avoid Becoming A Statistic

The staggering property crime rates in Oklahoma make purchasing a home security system absolutely paramount. One in 29 people in the state of Oklahoma will fall victim to a property crime each year. In Oklahoma City, the statistic rises to one in 17. On the average street, there are at least seventeen families. Any one of those families could easily fall victim to one of the 9,912 reported burglaries or 19,978 reported thefts in Oklahoma City. These statistics can easily frighten people into wanting to batten down the hatches, but simply investing in a home security system which will keep loved ones safe from harm can prevent a family from being victimized. In a city where violent crime and property crime are two huge threats, being prepared and being safe are the best ways to avoid being a statistic. The cost of having a home security system installed may be a hardship for some families, but the amount of money and peace of mind that the same family would lose during a burglary or theft are worth so much more than the cost of high quality home security.