Oklahoma Man Shot After Kidnapping Toddler


A shocking kidnapping occurred in an Oklahoma City suburb resulting in a fatal shooting. A Midwest City, Oklahoma Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market’s security camera recorded the terrifying events that unfolded in that store on June 17. A kidnapping of a two-year old girl and the following police stand-off with the perpetrator were all recorded on the store’s security camera system.

Alicia Keating was shopping in the store that day with her two-year old daughter, Zoey and her 12-year old daughter. Video footage shows Sammie Lamont Wallace, 37, walking to the store from Midwest Boulevard and into the store. He grabbed a shopping cart and after a few minutes, began eyeing the child while pushing around an empty cart. Eventually, Wallace quickly grabbed the child from her mother’s cart and held her at knifepoint. The terrified mother and 12-year old child stood by helplessly as Wallace held a knife to her daughter’s stomach.

“There was nothing I could do but stand there and beg for her life,” said the child’s mother.

Horrified shoppers quickly grabbed for their cell phones and called 911 for help. The 911 call center’s dispatchers were flooded with calls from the Midwest City Wal-Mart.

One shopper told dispatchers, “He took this woman’s kid and we need the police here immediately.”

Another caller told 911 staff, “There’s someone with a knife holding a little girl hostage.”

Witnesses gave detailed descriptions of the terrifying event.

One of the area’s local pastors, Terry Parker heroically blocked Wallace with his shopping cart until police arrived on the scene.

He told reporters, “If that gentleman was to come in my direction, he had to go through me or my cart if he wanted to do that.”

The store was quickly evacuated by the SWAT team while the kidnapper continued to hold a knife to the child. After handing her his cell phone, Wallace ordered the girl’s terrified mother to call a Dallas police officer that he knew. He insisted that the Dallas officer was to arrive in 10 minutes. Afterwards, an excruciating 30 minute stand off occurred during which Wallace rambled on about belonging to the Illuminati and claiming to be the richest man in the world while the police attempted to negotiate with him.

The perpetrator was then given a chair and sat down while continuing to hold a knife pointed at the child’s stomach. Nearing the close of 30 minutes, Wallace moved the knife to the girl’s neck and held it there before he began a countdown. The police attempted to negotiate with Wallace for several minutes, but to no avail. The police reported that Wallace was making unreasonable demands and acting unstable. The police moved the mother and older daughter to the front of the store fearing for the younger child’s safety. After the 60 second countdown ensued, Captain David Huff quietly walked around the corner to the aisle to make sure his gun had a bullet in the chamber. One officer distracted Wallace while police Captain Huff walked up to Wallace and shot him point blank in the head, directing the shot well away from the child. The officer then quickly grabbed the unharmed child and delivered her to her mother and sister who were waiting at the front of the store. The child was then evaluated by EMS staff. Wallace was fatally shot instantly. There is no connection reported between Wallace and the child’s mother or the child.

Captain David Huff appeared on the Today Show and stated, “When you have a suspect that starts counting down on a child’s life, we’re going to have to take appropriate action and unfortunately we had to use deadly force.”

Chief Brandon Clabes of the Midwest City Police department reported that Wallace had the knife held up to the child’s body for the entire duration of the ordeal.

He stated, “I mean we waited until the last second to use deadly force. No one wants to take a life, especially in the line of duty.”

The Midwest City Police Department and the county District Attorney, David Prater quickly justified the shooting as necessary for the protection of the child’s life. He stated that the use of deadly force was lawful, and justified, and that no legal action would be pursued.

Prater referred to Captain Huff’s actions as, “heroic.”

Police took the knife and surveillance video as evidence after the incident, then later released the security video to the media.