Mobile Phone Security Tips

Believe it or not, it has only been a little over half a decade since the first model of the Apple iPhone came onto the market, essentially revolutionizing the way the world uses mobile phones and internet technology.  And since then, several models of the iPhone, and hundreds of other smartphone and mobile device models by various other technology companies such as Samsung, Droid, Nook, Kindle, and others, have been designed and released onto the marketing, helping the mobile industry capitalize on the rapidly advancing world of mobile internet technology. But with all of this talk of mobile technology, one part of the discussion that is hugely missing is the topic of mobile security. Sure, there are some apps out there that hold themselves out to keep your phone safe, but in order to be sure your phone is safe from being hacked or compromised of information, it’d be wise to learn about mobile threats yourself. This infographic, Mobile Security 101, gives the essential facts about mobile security, as well as lists off the biggest mobile security threats to know about for any smartphone or tablet owner.

This infographic was produced by Brainloop, an Enterprise Software and Services company and leaders in end to end electronic document compliance management and document & file security.

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