If I Buy a House and Cancel My Security Service, Will The Equipment Still Work?


So You Bought a House With a Security System Already In It

Nice work on your new investment. There is some partially good news. The security company most likely won’t want to come retrieve the equipment even if you don’t want to take over the contract.

They will however attempt to get you to take over the payment and it may not be a horrible idea depending on what you want.

Your Options

1. Keep the system as noisemaker (Free)

The equipment will still work. If you just want to use the system as a noisemaker, you have that option. It just won’t dial the monitoring center/police. The security company most likely will not go through the trouble to deprogram the system. However, they will still have access to do so if so inclined.

2. Have a local company switch out panels (Free + small monthly fee)

This is a kind of best of both worlds scenario. You can take advantage and use the equipment already in the house. You can also have a monitored system in case of a real burglary and get a better monthly rate because everything is in place.

3. Have a new system put in (Slightly cheaper than normal)

You have a small bargaining chip here because you can tell them that you are more interested in just swapping panels. They company would most likely rather get you using their equipment. If this is the case they will typically do so at a lower rate. They usually have a little bargaining power to get you to sign up on the spot. Use this information to you knowledge.


Find out if you have a fire alarm. If you do call your insurance provider and see how much you can be discounted. Home insurance can be up to 20% cheaper with a monitored fire alarm.

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