How Mobile Apps Are Invading Your Privacy

You might be just a casual smartphone user, an amatuer mobile photographer, or perhaps a full-blown mobile app addict, but regardless of which, it is probable that in the past five years or less your life has been changed drastically by the arrival of mobile smartphones and the subsequent onslaught of endless mobile apps to download with ease right onto your handheld device. They have made looking up information fast and easy, waiting in line bearable, and staying connected with friends, family, customers, coworkers, and whoever else.. a cinch. But as much efficiency smartphones and mobile apps have added to everyday living, they have also added an extra way by which a hacker, thief, or unwanted intruder can gain access to your personal information. This infographic, How Mobile Apps Are Invading Your Privacy, gives details on the implications of mobile app security (or lack thereof), and how you might have already unknowingly had information taken from your phone without your knowledge – all through your use of mobile apps.

This infographic was developed by Veracode, providers of the world’s leading Application Risk Management Platform and resources such as code review tools from Veracode.