Oklahoma City, Oklahoma | Home Security Systems

Are you an Oklahoma City homeowner? If so, we have a very special treat for you!

Have you given much thought to providing maximum protection for your loved ones and family at home? Oklahoma City homeowners have the opportunity to get our latest, state of the art home security system installed for …

You read that right – now you can get the best system we have ever offered to protect your home and loved ones. The system and installation have a regular price of $1200, but for the first time ever, the investment to get this system installed is $0 – ZERO.

This isn’t a starter or entry level system either. It is an industry leading system with the following standard features:

• Fully wireless operation
• User accessible from anywhere in the world by telephone
• Talks to you in plain English
• 5-inch touch screen command center and display
• Accessible with a convenient, push button key fob – no 4 digit codes to remember
• Arm/disarm from any telephone in the world

Home security becomes a bigger concern every day. Wouldn’t it be great to be protected 24/7/365 against any home invasions or intruders? More importantly, isn’t it worth safeguarding your family when you are away?

This superior system instantly calls the police or sheriff in the event you have a break-in. And it works whether you are at home or 1000 miles away. This would be worth any price, but if you act right now, your out-of-pocket expense is nothing – zip – zero.

Some of the bet things in life can be free – and the peace of mind of having this system installed and working to keep you safe makes it worth its weight in gold.

Here’s a few other things you get as a bonus with your free system:

A Family Message Center

Ever want to leave a note for a loved one that you have left to go to the grocery store to pick a few thing up at the last minute? This system allows you to leave a voice message for them and let them know where you went and when you expect to return. This benefit benefits everyone because walking into an unexpectedly empty house can make many people anxious – sometimes justifiably so.

How about when you and your spouse are going out for the evening, but the new teenage driver is going over to a friend’s home to study? You can set the system up to call you on your cell phone if it is not disarmed by a predetermined time. This feature is also great for those that are perhaps elderly or home-bound, and need to take medication by a strict schedule. The system can remind them.

These and many other beneficial features are available in our system. Contact us today for more information or to setup an appointment.