Five Of the Best YouTube Videos to Help You with Home Interior Ideas

If you are stuck for ideas for your next home remodeling, then why not take a look at some other people’s designs for inspiration.  There are lots of interior designers promoting their work on YouTube, so there’s plenty of ideas out there just waiting to be discovered.  Whether you want aspirational ideas, or practical advice on how to choose a carpet that can cope with having wine spilled on it, there are some good videos to choose from.

1. Interior Design ID.eas Series ( )

This video series offers design tips and product suggestion, including tips for durable and stylish products.  There’s a fair bit of advertising in the videos, but there’s some good tips in there too – including stain removal tips that anyone with kids will really appreciate!  Don’t just look at Episode 1, be sure to check out the other episodes in the series.  There are some interesting nuggets of information.

2. Interior Design Ideas for a Small Apartment (

This video by interior designer Julie Wimmer offers tips and suggestions for designing effective and attractive interiors for small apartments.  If you’re wondering how to paint oak internal doors to make your rooms look bigger and more spacious, or how to turn a cramped kitchen into a bright and spacious feeling work area, then hopefully Wimmer can give you some inspiration.

3. Modern Kitchen Design Ideas (

This video is a slideshow of kitchen design ideas from the Australian designers at WePlan.  There is a huge selection of kitchen designs to choose from in this video, ranging from steel appliances to homely wooden designs, pastel colours, and granite countertops.  Whether you choose to mix and match or simply copy one of the designs, there should be something to help you with your next kitchen remodelling project.  If only kitchens stayed that tidy in real life!

4. Modern Bedroom Design Ideas (

This video is another WePlan slideshow, this time with bedroom designs.  The designs in this video range from soft and luxurious bedroom designs with traditional duvets, to ethnic designs, clean and simple black and white designs, romantic settings with luscious bedspreads and dark oak internal doors, princess style four-poster beds, and everything in between.  If your bedroom is small, you might not be able to fit everything in, but the beds, bedside tables, and curtains are good starting points.

5. Modern Home Interior Design Ideas (

If you’re looking for something a little more futuristic, then the design ideas in this video might inspire you.  This video focuses on truly modern design ideas, with clean lines, spacious layouts, and simple colourings.  You’d need a spacious living room to take full advantage of the ideas posted here, but if you have the opportunity to use even some of the design elements to full effect (whether that’s using cleanly styled internal doors or opting for the penthouse look with floor-to-ceiling windows), you’ll have a living room for everyone to envy.

This post was written by Crispin Jones on behalf of UK Oak Doors the door specialists. You can find out more about their high quality internal and external doors by visiting their site. Photo: rogue-design

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