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Touchscreen, Talking, Wireless Security in Elk City, Oklahoma

Home security is becoming a better idea every day. As rates decrease, technology improves and more and more insurance companies begin to offer discounts of up to 20% on homeowners insurance it becomes and easier decision. Most people homes do not get burglarized every year, but for the ones that do, they know how traumatizing of an experience that can be. Guardian Home Security systems can help deter home intrusions in a couple of ways. First off the sign out front is enough to keep burlars from trying to break in in the first place. Secondly, if someone does try to get in the alarm sounding will usually scare them away so you never have to come face to face with a burlar at all.

Wireless, Talking Security at your Fingertips

Honeywell recently launched a new system called the Lynx Touch. It is pretty revolutionary in what it plans to do in bringing together home automation and home security. The system can be programmed to alert you if certain doors or windows are opened in your children’s rooms. It’s message center can keep the family informed of each others whereabouts. It’s touchscreen is easy to use and intuitive. We are also including two wireless key fobs that allow you to arm or disarm your system from your car. If you happened to get to work and realize you forgot to arm your system you can call from any phone to do it. Then if you need to let someone in who doesn’t already have a personal access code to your home (you are allowed 15 for friends, family members and baby sitters) then you can call and disarm it to let someone in.

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