Woman’s Open Letter To Home Invader

A 79-year-old Cardiff woman returned to her home after an appointment at the hospital to find that it had been burgled and ransacked. When Dorothy Iris Mayer arrived at her house on Jan. 17, she discovered her residence in shambles and that several items of value were missing. In an effort to find the person responsible and bring them to justice, Mrs. Mayer called out the bugler in an open letter, which is available in its entirety at the Wales Online website.

The letter starts off by sarcastically thanking the interloper for breaking into her home while she was gone, “maybe saving me from a beating.” She then castigates the intruder for leaving muddy footprints all over her cream colored carpets and walking on items that were carelessly thrown on the floor. The woman also stated that it was a pity the burglar hadn’t waited another day since she would have been gone all day at the funeral of her 18-year old grandson and, “maybe left it as you found it, clean and tidy, not like a tip.”

Letter to burglar

She ends the letter calling for the man to clean up his life, but also hoping for his capture. “I do hope you made a mistake and are caught. If it is stealing to pay for drugs you need help before it kills you, I would like to suggest you are made to go cold turkey and clean up your way of life.”

In an interview with Express, Mrs. Mayer said that robbing people is no life. She went on to say that her grandson, who drowned as a result of a tragic accident, would have made something of his life, unlike the burglar. She stated that she didn’t want to let the interloper get to her and wrote the letter to tell the person what she thought of them.

Along with writing the letter, Mrs. Mayer made a picture of her home available to the press. The photo appears to be from her living room, showing her sofa in pieces and her belongings tossed in piles on the floor. Several news outlets have posted the letter and photo along with requests for information related to the incident.

Dorothy Mayer's Home Photo

Dorothy Mayer’s Ransacked Home

According to information made available by Mrs. Mayer through interviews and from her letter, she was brought home from the hospital by two ambulance drivers. One of the drivers noticed that the security chain on the front door was engaged from the inside, and upon further investigation, determined that a window had been broken. Once they were able to gain access to the home through a side door, the drivers inspected her home to make sure it was safe before she went inside.

She stated that her first thought was that children had broken in based on the mess that had been made of the living room; it did not occur to her that she had been robbed. Mrs. Mayer praised the ambulance drivers for providing assistance as well as waiting with her until her niece arrived. The woman also had good things to say about the police officers who responded and are involved in investigating the matter. Police did search for fingerprints, but it appears that the intruder was wearing gloves when he broke into the home.

Along with creating a huge mess and causing emotional upheaval for the pensioner, the intruder also stole a number of items. Her purse and cell phone were taken, as well as several pieces of jewelry, including a gold chain and locket, given to her by her daughters on her 50th birthday, her wedding and engagement rings and a snake ring that belonged to her deceased husband. While the man cared not a whit about damaging the woman’s home, he apparently took the time to swap the light bulbs in the bedroom for older and brighter ones to better find items of value that could be sold.

It is believed that the intruder gained access to the woman’s home between 1:00 pm and 3:30 pm from a footpath that runs behind her home and is situated between two nearby roads. According to Detective Constable Geraint Higgins, the woman was devastated by the incident, but has been incredibly brave in dealing with what has occurred.

Requests by the police and Mrs. Mayer for information about the incident may have led law enforcement to the person responsible for breaking into her home. While the investigation is still considered open and ongoing, Wales Online reports that a man has been taken into custody in relation to the burglary and is being held at the Cardiff Bay Police Station. It is not clear if police believe the man to be the individual who ransacked the home, and they are still asking for people with information pertaining to the break-in to contact the South Wales Police.