Dog vs. Home Security System

Home intruders can be deterred or even stopped by several tactics. Two of the most commonly thought of home protection items are owning a dog and having a home security system installed. There are benefits and disadvantages to both options.

Advantages of owning a dog for protection

A dog, aside from being a great day-to-day companion, can also help prevent a home invasion and help protect during an event. Small dogs and large dogs can play different roles.
A small dog can act as a sort of alarm system, bringing attention if anyone approaches or tries to enter the home. Acting as an alarm system, the dog’s barking would alert the homeowner that something is amiss.
The benefit of having a large dog for protection is, as well as sounding the alarm of an intruder, large dogs can be intimidating and conflict damage. If someone outside the home hears a dog barking, he or she would likely be able to determine if it is a large or small dog inside the home. A large dog could possibly scare any intruders away, knowing that harm could come to them if they enter the home uninvited. A large dog’s bite would inflict much more damage than a small dog’s. Some dog attacks have been known to be fatal, further enhancing the argument that dogs as home protection would be beneficial.
Dogs, being man’s best friend, are also protective of their owners and many would defend their owners to the death. The dog would give the homeowner extra time to call law enforcement, escape or grab a self defense item.

Disadvantages to owning a dog for protection

With the benefits of owning a dog for protection come some disadvantages. Dogs that are overaggressive have the potential to be cause harm to their owners or visitors to the home, whom are of no threat. Dogs that are trained to attack can be dangerous as this act encourages aggression.
A small dog would likely not be able to defend the homeowner, as small dogs are more easily overcome by physical means. Sometimes a dog may sleep through an event, without waking to notify the homeowner of danger.
Another disadvantage to owning a dog for protection is that once the dog is overcome by the intruder, the homeowner is left without further protection.

Advantages of owning a security system

Owning a security system comes with several of the same advantages of owning a dog for home protection. The first would be an alarm. The security system would sound an alarm if the home is entered.
Hearing an alarm going off could cause the intruder to leave, knowing that he or she has been caught. Some believe that simply advertising that the home is secured can deter intruders from trying to enter.
Another benefit to some security systems is that they can alert authorities without the homeowner having to call. Once the alarm is tripped, authorities can be notified and dispatched.
Some security systems can sound alarms for other factors like fires and carbon monoxide.

Disadvantages to having a security system

While home security systems are thought to be a worthwhile investment for safety, there are some disadvantages. First, some systems can be expensive. There can sometimes be installation costs, monthly costs and equipment maintenance.
Finally, an alarm system, while being a great deterrent to crime and home invasions is not a friend the way a dog is. It might chirp and keep people away all day but it won’t come up and lick you on the face when you get home from work.

In the end
Getting a dog and a security system don’t have to be mutually exclusive in all actuality. If your dog is important to you, you may want to have an alarm system just to keep them safe in the event of an intrusion. Someone who is dedicated to break into your home won’t have the same hang ups killing a dog as they would killing a person. Protecting a home is a lot of responsibility for an animal. So, while it may be a great deterrent it is not an end all to safety.