Confessions of a Robber: Best of AMA

The one and only place people retreat to after a hard day of work or to congregate with friends and family is at home. Imagine if that safe and secure place was compromised. Burglaries and robberies happen to thousands of unsuspecting families every year. A robber who spent a year and a half of his life robbing people’s homes in the 90s decided to share his experience on reddit, and views on homeowners with guns, dogs as deterrents, the type of house to target, and a tip for home security.

Homeowners with Guns

do guns work for home security?
Taw4ama_CatBurgler stated that the only thing he was afraid of was a homeowner with a gun. However, that was not enough to deter him from living a robber’s life. Additionally, he supports families protecting and guarding themselves as well as their home using a gun. Tawa4ama_Catburglar said he does not think he would have held a grudge against a homeowner who shot to kill. He further explained that he believes if someone has broken into a home, and the burglar has surrendered, it would still be acceptable to kill the intruder. He reasoned that it only takes a second for the burglar to go from offensive to defensive.

It can be dangerous for anyone positioned around the burglar; because the situation has changed to where both parties feel threatened. Taw4ama_CatBurgler indicated when a burglar enters a home, the life of a robber life is forfeit. Gun ownership has increased drastically since the 90s. Thousands of homes are protected with the extra security with pistols, shotguns, and other weapons. Granite what he did was wrong, however, it is good to hear that he has accepted any risks that may befall him. People will protect their homes and their families without hesitation. It should make burglars and robbers think twice.

Do Dogs Work for Home Security?

Dogs for security

Dogs serve a few purposes to a family. One is the pet or an extension of the family. The other is to protect or to alert. Regardless of how big or small, and how vicious or tame dogs might seem, they are not the discouraging element homeowners hoped they were. Taw4ama_CatBurgler stated that dogs are not suitable for security or protection. When he approaches a dog in a friendly manner, it will become submissive and docile. Providing a few rubs and acts of affection, the dogs generally follow him around. As for the little dogs that bark a lot and are more nervous in nature, her carries around rawhide sticks to distract them from his presence.

During his encounters will dogs, he believes that big dogs merely look intimidating but are big puppies, smaller dogs would be the choice between the sizes due to their noise level. While this did not affect Taw4ama_CatBurgler home selection, it very well could discourage another burglar. Dogs will protect what they consider their territory, to include all who are in it. So keep dogs off chains, and find additional security measures to keep the dogs on the property. It very well could be one more obstacle to keep a burglar out.

What Makes a Home Get Targeted by Burglars?

Some homes are more susceptible to theft than others are. Two major factors are time of day, and design. Taw4ama_CatBurgler enlightened his hit times were between 10:00am and 2:00 pm; these times are when people were sure to be at work. The time slot fell right before the lunch rush and after. He further claimed the hype of people believing burglaries occur at night is rubbish He feared an encounter and knew families were home at night, as well as the possible gun owner.

Some of the signs a burglar looks for is the driveway and street in front of the home are clear of any vehicles. He makes sure there are plenty of windows in the garage to make sure there are not any hidden vehicles. Bigger windows in front of the house made it easy to case the house without looking suspicious. This is also good for ensuring no one is home. His big ticket was houses that had enclosed back yards. It limited visibility from onlookers, keeping him completely concealed. There is little someone can do about how their house is designed, but one can increase security measures, and visual deterrents.

A Robber’s Tip on Home Security

Home security has advanced over the last two decades, from censored light fixtures to silent alarms. Some home security systems connect with the company right away and will send out a law enforcement unit to check on the welfare of the owner. It possibly could be hard to determine who has security and who does not. However, there is an effective alternative for home security for those who cannot afford expensive security systems. Tawa4ma_CatBurgler provides a timetable of 5 minutes for the burglary to ensue. It takes typically 5 minutes to enter the premise, take the items, and leave the area. He suggests window laminate as an alternative to security. This was the only thing that ever stopped him from entering a targeted home. With his experience with alarm systems twenty years ago, he considered them useless and reactionary. Laminated windows are harder to break. Typically, a burglar can only spend a few seconds trying to gain access into the home. Once their timetable is up, they will abort. Therefore, making a home just a little bit harder to break into is well invested. There are other ways to secure a home without barring up all the doors and windows. Contact a home security service to get tips and advice on alternate means.

Knowing burglars trade secrets is valuable knowledge. As a reformed ex-burglar, Taw4ama_CatBurgler helps shed light to the common criminal element to help people avoid such devastation, and potential fatal encounters. He has never been caught, and probably is less of a risk taker than some. However, making some changes to the property can boost security of the home, as well as the secure sense of feeling.

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