Choctaw, Oklahoma | Home Security Systems

We are having a special promotion in Choctaw Oklahoma! During this very special promotion, we will be installing the most cutting-edge security system ever available in area homes. This advanced system offers wireless technology, talks to you in easy to understand English and has touch screen capabilities – standard.

This system and installation is usually offered for a very reasonable $1200, but for a limited time, homeowners in Choctaw, OK can get theirs absolutely free. Whether you are at home or away, if an incident like a burglary or home invasion occurs, the police or sheriff’s department is notified immediately and automatically by the system. The system works 24 hours a day to make sure police are dispatched to your home.

Best of all – right now, we are offering all of this 100% FREE of charge for a limited time!

This system is truly unlike any other security system ever offered, and includes the following features:

• Completely wireless
• Built-in 5-inch touch screen
• Speaks to you in clear English
• Can be armed or disarmed from any phone – anywhere in the world!
• Key fob operation – no more 4 digit codes to memorize

This simple to use and fail-safe system is critical when you want to make sure your home and family have maximum protection. There is little question that the best kind of alarm system is one that is easy to use, and that can be set from anywhere. Forgetting to set it can be handled easily.

How about a little extra peace of mind?

Have you ever walked into your home and wondered where everyone was at? This superior system even includes a family message center. Family members can record voice memos to one another and play them back for just these kinds of situations. Walking into an empty home and wondering where everyone has disappeared is a thing of the past. All you need do is walk over to the keypad and press the play button – you can hear the exact words of any family members in the messages they have left for you.

Have you ever experienced the feelings associated with being concerned when you know a loved one or family member should have returned home? The time was already predetermined and they aren’t have not returned.

How about the feelings when you have a grade school-aged child in the house?

Now with this system, you can have the system call your cellular phone when they have not disarmed the system by a certain time. Do you have someone that needs to take medications according to recommended times? A reminder feature can also be setup in your system.

Other convenient applications for this reminder system include appointment and any other important scheduled event reminders. Missing a social event or scheduled parent/teacher conference will be a thing of the past. You don’t even need to be home to make sure you don’t overlook or miss anything. For even more features and to get yours installed call us today.