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Wireless Home Security Alarm System in Altus, Oklahoma

Wireless, Home Security At Your Fingertips:

There are a number of reasons why home security is a good investment. For one, it lowers your home insurance rate. For two, it can prevent a home invasion before it even happens just by having a sign outside. With the new technology we are incorporating it can do a whole lot more. Your new system will include an event log that tracks the actions of up to 16 people. It incorporates a message center so you can talk to your loved ones. It can alert you if your children’s windows have been opened or a closet containing a safe. We care about Altus, Oklahoma. That is why are offering the best system for the best price.

Altus Alarm System Special:

We are offering a system that sells in stores for $600 for absolutely free with a contract. In order to qualify for the contract you have to pass a routine credit check and you have to own the home. This system can be monitored for $29.95 per month. This is can save you over $100 more than the leading company. Not to mention we give you a certificate to give to your insurance company that can help save you even more money.

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